Ernesto Solari Assicurazioni is named after its founder and Chairman Ernesto Solari, born in  Genoa in 1935 and operating in the insurance sector since 1958 (first as a producer at Alleanza Vita, then as an agent at Toro Assicurazioni).

This insurance broker company, created in 1980, has built its success providing high quality consultancy, followed by a constant and accurate assistance while managing insurance issues. Since the first half of the Eighties this company from Genoa has reached excellent results thanks to the development of a Personal insurance line and, above all, of Pleasure Boating, a brilliant example of a successful company in a moment of great expansion of the sector.

In the course of time, thanks to the expansion beyond its national and international borders – followed by an important development of its client portfolio - Ernesto Solari Assicurazioni has enlarged its structure with the help of highly appreciated professionals of the insurance sector, constantly available to their clients for any kind of need.

After 35 years of activity, our company, with the support of the main Italian and foreign companies, is available to its clients in a new social context deriving from the globalization process and from the crisis that is striking the economy on a global basis. The changes of these last years have pushed our clients to review their insurance coverage due to new and different areas at risk, looking for the necessary protection in the insurance sector, to carry on their production. 

In this new scenario the insurance broker has become fundamental to find the best insurance coverage at competitive prices, in order to offer to customers a constant update on policies regulations and a growing efficiency and professionalism in the management of claims, with the support of qualified legal firms and claims investigators.

In the last years, thanks to the strong growth in the sectors linked to Industry, Credits and Deposits, Transport and Tourism, the company, located in the elegant Albaro area, has achieved  great results and is now among the most qualified companies of the insurance market.