The insurance coverages for professional sport clubs generally include the following policies:

a) Asset insurance:

This insurance covers in case of death and permanent disability for professional and non professional accidents suffered by the insured athletes. The guarantee is also extended to the participation to competitions, matches and trainings organized by the national selection of the insured athlete. The  beneficiary of this compensation is the Contracting Party.


This insurance covers in case an accident or illness should strike the insured athletes preventing them from participating to sport competitions. The Company pays for every insured a daily indemnity equal to 1/365 of the corresponding annual contract declared in the policy, until the day the professional activity resumes. The beneficiary of the compensation is the Contracting Party.

c) Price indemnity:

This is included in the insurance sector called "Contingency" and by this guarantee the Company undertakes to give compensation for the Bonus that the Contracting Party will have to pay to the Insured if the Insured achieves the sport targets settled in the policy.

d) Medical Expenses Refund:

A collective policy is taken out for the coverage of the medical expenses sustained following the hospitalization (with or without surgery) of an athlete in a private health facility. It sometimes covers also the extension to specialist medical checks and high-end diagnostic imaging, even without hospitalization.