This sector includes the following policies: 

  • CAR (Contractor's All Risks) is directed to all construction companies that win public tenders and to all private construction companies. It allows to fulfil what is requested by the current law on compulsory insurance coverage for public contracts and to all risks of execution determined by any reason, except those deriving from design mistakes, insufficient planning, third-party actions and “force majeure” events. It also covers damages caused to a third party during the execution of works.
  • EAR (Erection All Risks), covers against risks deriving from the installation of a plant or of an industrial machinery. Risks covered can be linked to weather contingency, fire, theft, or to human error, building site accidents, defects of materials, designing errors.
  • Elettronica All Risks (Erection All Risks), covers the losses and damages caused to the insured electronic equipment; it guarantees the repurchase or the reparation of a computer, medical or scientific equipment, hardware telephone systems, measurement and control devices and other electronic systems.
  • Machinery Breakdown (Direct and Indirect Losses) protects against any kind of event (except those specifically excluded), insured machinery and plants from possible damages or malfunctioning due for example to: mechanic breakdown, design or manufacturing defects, negligence or misuse, work injuries.
  • Subsequent Decennial liability policy covers direct damages to the construction in accordance with Art. 1669 of C.C. for defects in construction-unsuitable ground conditions.
  • Instrumental Goods Leasing and Leasing Real Estate in All Risks form.
  • Guarantee of supply is the completion of the Erection All Risks policy, indemnifies the costs charged to the contracting party-supplier for the reparation or the replacement of the plant supplied and damaged due to designing, manufacture, assembly errors and for defects of materials.