Ernesto Solari Assicurazioni has been operating for several years in the Transport sector and can provide several insurance coverages for this sector, supplying policy specifications complete with Italian and international clauses, based on the specific needs of customers and for any type of goods. Shipping agents, transporters and terminal operators, industries and import-export companies: these are the main clients to whom we offer a complete and accurate pre-sales consultancy that – keeping into account the type of goods, transport and packaging – leads to the presentation of a product with the best price/quality relationship and the widest, most complete coverage. In addition, we provide a highly professional service in case of accident, the management of which must obviously be quick and effective. We are extremely careful in choosing insurance companies: we always make sure that the Company has a specialised headquarter, a wide network of “surveyors” and first class reinsurance channels. We provide several types of coverages:

  • Third party liability and Damages on behalf of the road carrier;
  • Third party liability of the Shipping Agent, of the Multimodal Operator (M.T.O. Liability Cover- ARES) and of the Terminal Operator (Transport Operator/Cargo Handling Facility).

In addition to the above mentioned “standard" coverages, thanks to the collaboration with the main worldwide Underwriters, we can propose offers including “War on Land LSW 1130” (often requested by project cargo operators/shipping agents), especially for customers who operate with countries considered “off-limits”, with high risk of war, strikes, terrorism, etc. We also propose the following coverages:

  • Stock And Transit
  • Contingency (buyer’s & seller’s interest)
  • Marine Consequential Loss: Project Cargo/Delay in Start Up (DSU) e Advanced Loss of Profit (ALOP)
  • Terrorism (T3)