Ernesto Solari Assicurazioni provides to its customers a highly specialised assistance and service, which do not only include insurance coverages but also additional services such as the insurance coverage for your yacht during transport from the shipyard and the yacht valuation survey by specialized surveyors. The All Risks clauses guarantees to our clients a coverage against risks of total loss or particular average damages, unexpectedly caused by any accident occurred during navigation, to the yacht, to the equipment, to the fittings and also to engines, instruments, millwork furniture and to the tender, including:

  • fire and explosion, negligent acts and vandalism;
  • waiver of recovery action against shipyards, only in case of fire;
  • salvage expenses, wreck removal and dismantlement, hull inspection after grounding;
  • partial theft of equipment and fittings (on board or ashore provided that the premises are locked)

Special conditions:

  • partial theft of equipment and fittings (on board or ashore provided that the premises are locked); theft of the outboard motor securely fixed to the vessel, if equipped with antitheft device; theft of the tender, if marked with the name of the parent vessel;
  • damages due to latent defect (not including the defective part);
  • covers for sails, masts, boom, swinging boom, standing and running riggings during races up to two thirds of the replacement costs;
  • extension of trading limits;
  • war risks and social-political events;
  • personal effects;
  • extension to machinery damage;
  • chartering with qualified crew or lease.

The compulsory coverage for third-party yacht liability (for damages caused to third-party during navigation) can be extended to third-party liability-running down clause for fire while the boat is stored on land, to damages to goods and animals belonging to third-parties transported and to cover also damages provoked when driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated. For vessels of larger tonnage the yacht liability insurance can be replaced by P&I coverage for yachts, which, even though at a higher cost, provides additional guarantees to the ship-owner such as the coverage for pollution of environment, injuries or illness of crew members, costs of quarantine, piracy. Please, note also our solutions for the coverage of injuries suffered by crew members.